Architecture is all around us. The process of planning, designing, and constructing is an art form within itself. Just like we admire historical constructions, architecture plays an important role for future generations to witness our cultural achievements. The creative manipulation encompasses our intellectual ideas to become a reality with carefully planned drawings, specifications, and structures.

As designers, we are trying to help clients change the way people think and/or the way they act. In this sense, designers are uniquely positioned to shift not only our own actions, but also the actions of many others who are touched by our work-including our audiences and our clients. We may be hired to change the user’s experience of a client’s brand; but in the process of doing this, we have the power to change the brand itself. We have the power to influence the substance of a product or service.

In the current scenario, adaptive and intelligent design is about being a force for positive change. As designers we need to develop a better understanding of climate adaptive architecture and other disciplines contribution to it. Essentially, as architects we need to develop an understanding of the framework that involves design computation, intelligent environment and role of nature coming together for achieving adaptive architecture while it addresses the issue of climate change.

I align with this vision as an Architect. I am Shilpa Mehta, a licensed Architect from India with degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology and Bowling Green State University in Architecture and Technology along with global work experience. I have designed this platform to display my work in various architecture disciplines.

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